Website Content that Converts

Your website content is at the center of your online presence. This is where your brand story needs to capture and hold attention.

At Fine Point Writing & Editing, our highest goal is harnessing the power of storytelling for small businesses. We create content that generates leads and conversions for your business. A combination of action-based copy, storytelling, and SEO copywriting techniques can help your business grow. 

The Website Copywriting Process

Fine Point Writing & Editing has created website content for hundreds of businesses. We’ve developed a writing process that leads to action-based, fully optimized copy for your website. 

Step One – Research, Content Plan & Proposal 

We’ll do the legwork to get your project off the ground. Our copywriters will ask you about your goals and research your industry, competition, and SEO requirements. Then, we’ll map out your content and bring it all back to you with a detailed estimate and timeline. From there, you can decide if we’re the right fit for your website writing project. 

Step Two – Brand Interview

Once we’ve gotten all the paperwork out of the way, it’s time to collaborate. We’ll connect with you and your team via Zoom. First, we’ll walk through your ideal customer avatar so we know who we’re speaking to. Then, we’ll get a baseline for your brand voice. Finally, we’ll get your input, ideas, and business details down on paper. 

Step Three – We Pick Up Our Pens and Start Writing

This is the easy part – for you, anyway. Our professional copywriters will get to work on your website content. It will take a bit of time, as the creative process can’t be rushed and there are a few steps involved, including our own revisions and review process. 

Step Four – Collaborative Revision Process

Once your content is ready to be revealed, we’ll share it with you and let you mull it over. Revisions are a natural part of the copywriting process, and we’re committed to working with you until it feels right. 

Step Five – Professional Content & Positive Results

Success! All that’s left to do is publish your content for the world to see! As your business grows, we’ll always be here to help you make changes to your copy. 

SEO Blog Posts

Every piece of content is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. When it comes to SEO, your website content and blog posts work together. Evergreen content on your website is there to stay and it’s essential; but posting regular updates to your blog is another important action to improve your website’s SEO and get more eyes on your pages. 

At Fine Point Writing & Editing, we are business blogging specialists. Our straightforward process takes all of the work out of your hands. You’ll be just as excited to read your monthly blog post as your audience. Learn more about why our clients choose us for their ongoing content needs. 

Are You a Digital Marketer or Website Designer?

In any project, there’s always a bottleneck, and it’s almost always the content. Waiting on content from clients can push back project timelines, delay completion dates, and prevent you from moving on to other projects. It can also lower overall project quality if it’s not written professionally. 

Fine Point Writing & Editing partners with website designers and developers and digital marketing agencies in Alberta and beyond. When you invest in specialized content creation, you can improve your back-end SEO work, help your clients avoid the frustrating content creation process, and ensure your project is high-quality from design to function to content.

What Makes a Successful Blog Post?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a strategy used to increase your ranking in the organic search results on search engines. In other words, SEO dictates how high your website appears on Google. 

Most businesses know the value of ranking higher in search engines. You’ll get more visibility, which leads to more website traffic, which leads to more opportunities for conversion and sales. The biggest question on the minds of business owners is, “how do I get to that first page on Google?”

Unfortunately, SEO is a complex and ever-changing beast. It involves a lot of different actions, in-depth research, and a bit of guesswork. The algorithms search engines use to rank content isn’t released in full, which means digital marketers have to fill in the blanks and experiment. Adding to the complexity is the fact that search engines update their algorithms to improve user experience all the time. 

Mastering SEO can take years, and for most businesses, that’s not a worthwhile investment. Instead, they choose to hire professional SEO strategists and copywriters.

Content Strategy

Any SEO strategy should start with an on-page SEO outline. Planning out your web pages is the first step. Which pages do you need to include to make sure your client continues on to the sales process? How can those pages work together to keep people on your website for longer? How competitive are the keywords in your industry? The first step in any project involves creating a website map that tells us which content goes where, how long it needs to be, and how we can use SEO strategies on a page and whole-website level.

Call to Action

Great websites inspire action. When you arrive at a website and you’re not given a clear path to purchase or make an inquiry, you’re far less likely to act. We use strong calls to action throughout your website to keep people moving to the next step before they make a purchase.

Link Building & Internal Linking

SEO depends largely on how users interact with your website. Search engines can see when people click through to other pages on your website. This means your content is relevant and high-quality, and that you’ve made it easy to engage with all of your content. Internal links ensure users stay on your website longer and dig deeper into your content and process. We’ll make sure all the pages on your website are linked so your end users can easily find the next piece of essential information they need.

Keyword Research

Using keywords in websites without compromising the quality of the copy is a tough balancing act. Once we’ve completed thorough research and designed a keyword strategy for your content, we’ll put our years of expertise to work. We make sure to avoid keyword stuffing, which could harm your ranking factor in search engines. Most importantly, we place your keywords where they’ll make the most difference.

User Experience & Relevance

When a user makes a search query, they expect the results page to rank websites according to how relevant and useful they are. Search engines like Google want to make sure people find exactly what they’re looking for fast. When a search engine user has a bad experience on a website they’re led to, they have a bad experience overall. This is one reason user experience and relevance are so important in search engine algorithms. To ensure people get the right experience, we use context marketing strategies and keyword analysis tools. We can also point you to digital marketing professionals to help you improve elements of user experience like loading speed and website design.

Start Your Website Project

If you’ve been putting off creating a new website or refreshing your content, it’s time to find a copywriting expert who can help. Let’s kick off your project today with a no-obligation consultation and proposal. If you like what we bring back to you, we’ll start the paperwork. If not, we’ll refer you to another content writer who can help you achieve your vision.