How can you get the word out about your business? Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to give your online presence a boost and create more brand awareness, leads, and sales.

A copywriter creates content that inspires action, but a writer specialized in SEO writes copy that makes sure people get there in the first place. This is step one in any content marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization

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SEO is an elusive concept for many businesses. Many know that it’s important for increasing online visibility, but they don’t know how to make it happen. Executing SEO strategies requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Our SEO copywriters have experience writing search engine optimized blogs and website content for businesses in Alberta.

What is SEO?

SEO is a strategy used to improve your website’s ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube. When someone searches for a keyword phrase related to your business, you want your business to be among the first results that show up. This translates to more people clicking on the link to your site, which means more exposure for your brand, content, and products.

What High-Quality SEO Content Does for Your Online Presence

Writing content for your business is time-consuming enough. Trying to optimize for search engines adds another layer to the complexity. Many people prefer to hire an SEO content writer to create content that reaches out to target audiences through search engines.

Ranks Your Website Higher in Organic Search Results

Organic traffic refers to the number of people visiting your site from the organic search results (which are typically below the ads and map results). Increasing traffic to your website requires a combination of SEO content strategies. We focus on relevance, user experience, keyword placement, inbound and outbound links, photos and other media, alt-text, and other key SEO components.

Increases Your ROI on Advertising

Advertising is one way to get more eyes on your content in search engines, but creating optimized content that backs up those ads is also essential. After all, your advertisement has to lead somewhere, and if the content on your website isn’t captivating, your ad money will be wasted.

Reduces Bounce Rates

When someone visits your page and immediately hits the “back” button on their browser, your bounce rates increase and your search engine ranking suffers. People need to find information that’s detailed and provides context. We use the principles of context marketing to make sure your content is relevant and valuable, reducing bounce rates. We’ll also make sure it’s long enough to keep people engaged and wanting more.

We Work with Back-End SEO Specialists

Although we know the importance of content in SEO strategies, we also recognize that there’s more to SEO. We work alongside the industry’s best specialists. These are local experts who will come to your business and fully customize a plan for your needs and budget. We trust them inherently, which is why we’re comfortable referring you to them. When we combine our SEO content with their advertising, backlinking, and website optimization strategies, we can accomplish 10x the results for your business. Get in touch with us to learn more about who we work with.

How We Improve Your SEO

SEO strategies require a lot of different activities, but content is one of the most essential components. That’s why SEO content writers should be highly involved in your overall strategy and execution.

Our professional content writers use a range of content strategies to help you fully optimize for search engines and make your content move faster and further on the web. We’re known as SEO content specialists, and it’s a title we work hard to deserve!

Innovative Keyword Strategies

A lot of people assume that more keywords = better SEO. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Using too many keywords in a single post is called “keyword stuffing.” Keyword stuffing leads to a negative user experience because the focus is on keywords, not on informative and useful content.

As search engines become more focused on providing a positive user experience, keyword stuffing becomes less effective. Some website designers and marketers used to have keyword-stuffed blog posts hidden on the back-end of sites, which enabled search engines to see them, but not website users. This is no longer an effective method, and websites that do this risk being penalized. It’s important to balance great content with a great keyword strategy.

Our copywriters perform keyword research when we map out your content. This ensures we can balance competitive keywords (like “psychology Edmonton”) with more specialized keywords to distinguish you (like “Chinese-speaking psychologist in Edmonton”).

Intuitive SEO Tools for Metrics & Analysis

Intuitive SEO Tools for Metrics & Analysis

We create each piece of content using specialized SEO tools made for copywriters. These tools are extremely intuitive and create a strategy based entirely on comparative metrics. They’ll take your competitors’ writing and analyze it, pulling out recurring keywords, reading levels, word counts, and more.

Our tools also help us track your progress as we create content. We can pull a detailed report that analyzes your current standing, your strengths and weaknesses, and specific places for improvement. Once we’ve established a baseline and made changes, updates, or additions to your content, we can track the improvement and see which types of content are most effective.

User Experience, Readability & Structure

Digital SEO tools are great, but writing is still an art. We love the challenge of balancing the “formula” for SEO with creative and innovative content and writing techniques.

Search engines are updating their ranking algorithms and putting more emphasis on user experience. What are you giving people? Is there enough for people to dive into? Are they taking something away? Can they make sense of what they’re reading? Can they scan easily to find what they’re looking for, or will they get frustrated and leave? These are all essential questions that we have to keep in mind as we create your content.

Factors like readability, word count, formatting and sections, photos, and links are what round out the user experience. These are factors that require experience and research, which is why the human component of content writing is so important.

How to Create a Search Engine Optimized Blog Post

When it comes to search engine optimized content, hiring a professional content writer is typically your best bet. However, it’s not impossible to optimize your content yourself. With a few strategies and industry tricks, you can create blog posts that combine user experience, keyword strategies, and linking strategies.

Fine Point Writing & Editing has created a blog post planner template and guide for you to use to improve your business blog posts. We’ll walk you through the planning and writing process step by step with an easy formula you’ll be able to memorize after a few posts. Grab this super easy formula for yourself today!

Professional SEO Copywriting & Content Writing for Your Business

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If you’ve been struggling with your content marketing and SEO, it’s time to invest in success. Let’s sit down to look at your current analytics and create a game plan. There’s no obligation and no risk for this quick 30-minute consult. Get yours now!