Your Content Marketing Specialists

Whether you have an in-house marketing team and need guidance and strategies for your content marketing, or you’re a solopreneur or small business just getting started, we have solutions for you. Your marketing efforts don’t have to be strenuous, frustrating, or unsuccessful.

Our clients come to us with questions about how to improve their return on investment in digital media. They want simplicity in a digital marketing plan. We can deliver on that with straightforward action items and short and long-term planning.

Branding, Messaging, & Voice

Brand messaging is one of the main challenges businesses face in creating their marketing materials internally. With multiple people on your team, maintaining a clear and consistent voice that represents your brand can be difficult. We help you dive deeper than your logo, colours, and mission and vision statement. 

Our branding, messaging, and voice consultations can be provided as a service or workshop. With interactive activities and interviews, we’ll help you determine:

  • Your target audience, or ideal customer persona
  • Brand-specific messaging for your digital marketing campaigns
  • A brand story that digs deeper than the usual “we help people _____” 
  • How to create eye-catching slogans for social media
  • How to incorporate storytelling into your brand messaging

Your brand is the point of connection between you and your potential clients. Getting that messaging right is essential for making lasting connections. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

Search engines are becoming more embedded in everyday life, which is why SEO is one of the most sought-after marketing strategies. Businesses and brands want to boost their online visibility and become a top option for people searching the web. 

SEO is not for the faint of heart; it requires a lot of work, knowledge, and experimentation. When you have SEO experts on your side, you can save valuable time and knowledge and get better results faster. 

At Fine Point Writing & Editing, we’ve worked to become SEO content strategists with a range of tools and other SEO experts in our back pockets. We can round out your marketing or back-end SEO strategy with a content-focused plan for on-page improvements. 

We can also help you with creating ongoing blog content that brings more people to your website. Consistency is essential in SEO, and we can show you why.

Marketing Strategies & Marketing Plans

Digital marketing plans are a dime a dozen, but is the plan you’ve received customized to your specific business and audience? Does it include a detailed content plan? We’d be happy to create or review your marketing strategy with an eye to content optimization for your industry. 

We focus on long-term content strategies that take the guesswork out of creating your daily, weekly, and monthly content. We find that business owners and internal marketing teams have the most trouble with the ideation stage. Instead of leaving that to the last-minute, we create content calendars that run 6 to 12-months in advance. This allows for flexibility when great content opportunities come up, but a complete plan for the times when you need to put your energy elsewhere.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create content marketing campaigns or content calendars, get in touch with our team.

Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing Plans

With so many digital channels to choose from and learn about, it can be difficult to decide where to focus your efforts. Once you’ve chosen a channel, what types of content will make an impact? 

We help brands strategize their email and social media campaigns for maximum results. We have experience with creating social media content calendars, and coordinating newsletters and drip campaigns. 

Tools & Technologies

You don’t have to do it on your own! There are plenty of online tools to help you create your marketing plan. 

We’ve created a few tools of our own to help you manage your content marketing. Sign up for our 20-minute storytelling course or learn how to optimize your blog posts with our free template and guide 

We Work with Vetted Digital Marketers in Edmonton & Calgary

Digital marketing is a broad industry. We’re one specialized piece of the puzzle that is digital marketing.

We work with:

  • SEO specialists
  • Consulting firms
  • Google AdWords specialists
  • Affiliate marketing specialists
  • Website designers and developers
  • Graphic designers

Need a referral? Get in touch and we’ll match you with the best partner for your business.