Copy Editing for Any Writing Project

If you’re a go-getter with a lot to say, there’s a good chance you’ll have made it to the final step of the writing process: copy editing. This is where we take your raw material and polish it to a high shine.

Error-free copy is essential if you want your brand to look polished and professional. Clean copy also generates trust. Have you ever read a scam email and noticed all the spelling errors? Brands take the time to check their spelling; cyber criminals don’t!

Our professional copy editing services ensure you’re putting your best foot forward in every piece of content you publish. Bring us your ideas and we’ll bring you clean, polished copy that gives you a sense of pride.

Don’t Trust Your Own Eyes

Even our in-house writers have professional editors looking over our work. Why? It’s really hard to spot the mistakes in your own writing – even for professionals. Your eyes will tend to skip over mistakes as your brain reads the content how you intended it (not how it’s actually written)

When you edit copy for your website or print materials, remember that it’s representing you to the world. It should be something you feel 100% confident in.

Our Copy Editing Services

There are a few types of copyediting we can perform based on what you need and how advanced your writing is. Our copy editors are able to help you with:

  • Revisions and rewrites – a deep dive into the content, which can involve restructuring or completely rewording your piece to liven up your writing style and get your message across more clearly
  • Copy editing services – copy editing services look at details like grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as items like awkward or run-on sentences. This is a complete overview of your final draft.
  • Proofreading services – proofreading is the final process in editing, which looks at your finished product and triple-checks for any errors in grammar, spelling, layout, formatting, or typographical errors
  • Fact checking services – Our researchers and fact checkers will hit the books to make sure you’re on point and won’t have any lawyers knocking at your door.

Our copy-editors work hard to ensure your writing project maintains the voice, style, and content you’ve chosen to feature. We’ll make suggestions for changes that fit the message; you decide if you’d like to implement them.

Copy Editing for Authors

Whether you’re going with a traditional book publisher or you plan on self-publishing, you need . Copy editing a book is a long process and sometimes takes more than a single pass; that’s why it helps to have someone on your side during the editing process.

Send Us Your Words!

Send us your recent writing project and we’ll take it from “pretty good” to “fantastic.” Our copy editors get fired up about proper grammar. For us, creating professional-grade content is a challenge we tackle with a ton of passion.

The cost of copy editing varies depending on the type and depth of editing needed. We like to take a look at a sample of your content and learn more about the length, style, and requirements for your content before giving you an estimate. Feel free to send us your project via email so we can create a copy editing proposal.