The Brand Mastermind Course

Discover the Missing Pieces in Your Brand

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Master Your Brand

Branding can seem complex and abstract when it’s not much more than a logo, a set of colours, and a general “theme.” The Brand Mastermind course is designed to help you dive deeper into your brand. You’ll come out with tangible takeaways you can use in your day to day communications and marketing strategy.

In this fully customized, two-hour course, we’ll walk you through key discussion points, examples, and collaborative activities to formulate all the key components of your brand (including the essential pieces that are most often forgotten about).

Next, we’ll set out action items you can apply to your digital, print, and in-person branding opportunities. Get your team on the same page about your brand; everyone will walk away with a full understanding of the brand and how to represent it.

Client Interaction

Key Takeaways from the Brand Mastermind

  • Your ideal client persona, which helps you truly personify your audience so you have a single person in mind when creating content
  • Parameters for choosing images and photography that your ideal client will immediately be drawn to 
  • The five key characteristics of your brand voice, which will help communicate your brand’s story and values consistently 
  • A brand story that dives deeper than the usual “we help people with ______”
  • A social media post template that combines everything you’ve learned to walk you through creating a post that grabs the attention of your ideal client
  • A full list of action items to help you solidify your brand presence and take advantage of branding opportunities

Book Your Custom Brand Mastermind Today

Each session is two hours long and can be hosted in person or virtually. Book a time for your entire team, or team up with other solopreneurs to work on your brands together.

$200/person (minimum 2 participants)

Brand Voice Guides

Maximizing Your Message

Converting clients through content is about more than what you say; it’s about how you say it. Think about your favourite brands on social media. Their messaging is always highly stylized and recognizable. They could be sarcastic, silly, resourceful, sophisticated… Every brand has its own unique voice. It’s time to find yours.

When you book a brand voice guide session, you’ll receive: 

  • A 1-hr personalized session with a Fine Point Writing & Editing brand voice expert 
  • A comprehensive brand voice guide that will show you how to connect with your customers using your brand’s natural voice
  • Key messaging pieces to get you started, including your brand story, slogans, and product/service descriptions
  • Bonus guides and templates you can use to craft your most important messages

$300 per session

Presented By:


Danielle Mohr, Creative Director of Fine Point Writing & Editing


Katie Dooley, Lead Designer of Paper Lime Creative