Bring Your Book to Life

It’s an item on most entrepreneurs’ bucket lists, but writing a book takes time, energy, and confidence. Most people don’t think they’re capable of it, but in reality, anyone can write a book. We all have unique stories, perspectives, and experiences to share with others.

Hiring a ghostwriter is one of the best ways to move “writing a book” from your list of to do’s to your list of accomplishments. At Fine Point Writing & Editing, we have experience in ghostwriting for businesses and personal brands.

Market Your Business & Share Your Expertise

When it comes to marketing your business and yourself, there’s nothing more impactful than handing a potential client a copy of your book. A ghostwriter is there to support you through the process. He or she can help you with all aspects of the writing process, from ideation and strategy to support with publishing.

Bring us your expertise and we’ll craft it into a compelling story people want to read from start to finish.

Non-Fiction Ghostwriting for Businesses

What you say matters, but how you say it is equally as important. Like any marketing piece, your personal brand should shine through. It’s essential that you find a ghostwriter who can match your natural style. Our ghostwriters are here to complement your natural style and help you create a book that sells.

Learn More About Storytelling

There’s nothing more powerful than storytelling. For centuries, humans have communicated with each other using stories, and it’s written into our biology to recognize and react to elements of stories.

Story structure is essential when you’re creating any content, but especially in the context of a book. If you’re thinking about writing a book, your first step should be perfecting the art of storytelling. We are masters in storytelling, and we want to share some of our top tips and tricks with. Take the 20-minute storytelling course to learn how to use storytelling in every post, page, and book you write.

Self-Publishing Guidance & Copy Editing

The traditional publishing industry is tough to crack, but self-publishing is becoming more common for everyone from new authors to bestselling authors. We’re here to help you take your book from idea to final manuscript to published book. We have partners who can format, design, and print your book.

If you’re feeling confident in your writing abilities, but you need a second look before sending your book to print, we can help with that too! Send us your work and have us edit and proof your final book draft.

Let’s Start Your Book

If you’ve been waiting for the “perfect time” to write your book, we’ll tell you right now, it probably won’t ever come! Writing a book can be an intense and amazingly rewarding experience. It’s best to do it alongside a guide who understands story structure and professional writing.

We’re ready to get started on your book today; are you?