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We write captivating content for businesses using creative storytelling processes.

Why? Because we’re invested in the success of local businesses!

Your Best Interests Are Our Best Interests

We understand the challenges that come with being a business owner. We’ve been riding the roller coaster alongside you. Marketing is one of the toughest places to make decisions in your business.

People come to us all the time with stories of bad experiences. They’ve spent hard-earned money on content that doesn’t come close to meeting the expectations set out. It takes a while to earn back their trust in the marketing industry, but the Fine Point Writing & Editing team has achieved it many times. We’re committed to continuing to serve the best interests of those who place their trust in us.

Your Local Alberta Content Writers

We’ve been shopping at local businesses for years, so it only makes sense that we’d find other ways to support them. Our content writing has helped Alberta businesses grow, and that’s what motivates us even on the hard days. 

Our business model is simple and deliberate. We choose to work with contracted writers, editors, and assistants to surround your business with experienced professionals. However, we are not freelancers or part-timers. We understand the need for high-quality work and fast turn-around times in the business services sector and we’re committed to upholding those standards.

Danielle Mohr Headshot


Danielle Mohr 

Creative Director 

Danielle has been passionate about storytelling since her mom stapled a few printer pages into a blank book when she was 6 years old. Right then, she realized stories had power and knew she wanted to spend her life harnessing that power.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts with Great Distinction in English at Grant MacEwan University and Athabasca University, Danielle was hesitant to turn writing into a full-time job. However, after interning for a summer with a local magazine publisher, she realized writing for the benefit of others was just as fun and rewarding.

Danielle picked up her pen and started writing in the fall of 2016 and hasn’t stopped since. Since founding Fine Point Writing & Editing, she’s come a long way in her personal and professional development. The most rewarding aspect of her daily work is helping people see themselves and their businesses in a more positive light through writing.

When she’s not working on client projects or business development, Danielle likes to spend time with her dog, Milo, in the great outdoors. She likes the quieter things in life, like reading, painting, gardening, and writing novels.

Portrait photo of Natalie Guttormsson wearing brown wool sweater, posing on a hill in Iceland with ocean view behind her.

Natalie Guttormsson


Natalie Guttormsson is a writer, storyteller, and poet who has been captivated by the power of stories since she was a child. She would often stay awake past bedtime with a flashlight and a book hidden under the bed covers. When asked in school what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always said “a writer.”

Natalie has a bachelor’s degree from Trent University in International Development Studies and Spanish, an applied certificate in web design and development, and over eight years of experience in retail management. Before transitioning to writing full-time, Natalie freelanced for various small publications in Canada. She also lent her talents to non-profit organizations, helping with website content, article writing, podcast scripting, and community research projects. 

Natalie has lived in several different beautiful cities across Canada. What she loved most about each community was the passionate and inspiring people who lived there. Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, artist, or creative, Natalie looks forward to meeting and working with you!

When she’s not writing, Natalie enjoys creating digital graphics, hunting through used bookstores, spending afternoons at the park with her family, and listening to podcasts.

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