You’ve heard it before; it’s time to start writing blogs for your business website. But where on earth will you find the time? Even making a list of ideas to write about can seem daunting. And what if your writing skills aren’t up to par? 

We’ve created full-service blog writing because we know you need to have confidence in your blogs, but without spending a minute of time or energy. Your brand is positioned to help others; let us help you get the word out with captivating blog posts.

Business Blog Writing

Our professional blog writers and editors will help you create a blog that brings people into your website and encourages them to take action. Regular blogging is one of the best ways to steadily improve your rankings in search engines. In other words, a blog helps you spread the word about your business faster and further.

At Fine Point Writing & Editing, we are blog writing specialists. Our content creation team will help keep you on track with a simple three-step process:

  1. Creating a content calendar so all of your blog posts are planned in advance (and you don’t have to come up with ideas on your own!)
  2. Researching and writing your blogs posts each month with SEO in mind.
  3. Reviewing and revising your posts.

You can also choose to add posting services to your blogs for truly start-to-finish blog writing services.

You can have as much or as little involvement in the blog writing process as you’d like. Most of our clients like to work closely with us for the first few blogs. Once they’re comfortable with our writing skills, they can sit back and relax while we create their content behind the scenes.

What Makes a Successful Blog Post?

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to blogs, articles, and website content, search engine optimization is essential. Creating content that ranks high in search engines like Google increases your online visibility.

We use keywords, inbound and outbound links, the principles of context marketing, and best practices for titles and body content to improve your SEO. We’ll help make sure there are more people reading your post and moving to other pages on your website.


The most effective resource in content marketing is reader attention, and the best way to capture attention is through stories. Fine Point Writing & Editing uses storytelling in all the content we create, whether it’s a short social media post or a full-length blog post.

We’ve studied the elements of storytelling and understand how to use story structure in marketing content for greater impact. You can learn more about storytelling for businesses with our 20-minute storytelling course.

A Unique Brand Voice

Your content needs to stand out from your competitors and call to your audience. We work hard to closely match your brand voice so you get consistent content every time we write for you.

Not sure what your brand voice sounds like? We can help with that too! We’ll create a buyer persona (or ideal client persona) to determine how you can connect your brand to your audience. We can also create a brand voice guide so all your writing is consistent, whether it’s your team or ours creating the content.

Valuable Information & Entertainment

Valuable content offers something to the reader, whether it’s information or entertainment (or a combination of both!) Our intensive research process will help us determine what kind of content your readers are looking for and how to deliver it for the best results.


Consistent content is the best way to keep people reading your blog and visiting your website. That’s why we offer add-on posting services for our blogging clients. Our team can take your blog from finished to published. Just set us up with a controlled contributor account for your website or blog page, and we’ll make sure your blogs are posted on time. We’ll also complete back-end optimization to make sure your post gets found in search engines.

Getting the Word Out

Where should you post your blogs? How can you get people to read them? Our marketing specialists can create a well-rounded content marketing plan that includes search engine optimization, social sharing, guest blogging, and more. We’ll make sure you have a full inbound marketing strategy that brings you more brand awareness, leads, and clients.

Not Sure About Professional Blog Writing for Your Business?

Write your own high-quality content for your blogs with our free blog post template and guide. We’ll walk you through an example of how to set up a blog post, plus bonus SEO tips and tricks.