For many business owners, lack of income has led to the idea that now is the time to stop spending and cut as many budgets as possible, including the marketing budget. But many experts agree that now is the time to maintain and even expand your marketing efforts.

Why You Should be Working on Your Marketing While Your Business is Shut Down

There are some excellent reasons for considering this route. Consider these convincing reasons to prioritize marketing during slow periods:

1. You have the time. Writing advertising strategies, catching up on social media, revamping your website; these things take time. When it’s business as usual, they tend to fall by the wayside. But right now, you have the time to invest in creating a strategy for your business to get you through this slow period and well into the future.

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This is an excellent time to reanalyze your goals. It’s possible today’s reality will lead to a necessary pivot in your marketing objectives. How do you want to be viewed when business returns? How will you make yourself stand out so everyone comes to you when you open your doors again? This is the perfect opportunity to design a plan that allows you to re-enter the marketplace as the strongest business on the block.

2. Now is the time to expand your market share, while everyone else is losing ground. Your biggest competitor has cut their ad budget. The guy up the street decided there’s no point in working on social media plans while no one is buying. But if you take a different approach and explore how your customers are currently interacting online, you can actually take your competitor’s share of the marketplace.
One way to accomplish this is to connect with your customers where they currently are. Depending on your type of business, this might mean:
  • Reaching out to your customers by phone to check in with them and let them know you care
  • Creating an email drip campaign to advertise a certain product or service
  • Finding potential and current customers on social media and developing a strategy for increasing your following with relatable and high-quality content
3. You have the opportunity to display your authority by starting, updating, or scheduling your blog. A blog is good for your business in many ways. Yes, blogs can be time-consuming, especially in the beginning. But this is a wonderful time to explore adding a blog to your website. With a blog, you can:
  • Tell people more about your services and products
  • Share valuable information about your industry
  • Have additional content to post about on social media

4. Everyone is glued to the media. Even a small social media advertising budget or email campaign can be highly effective when people are online more than ever before. While everyone else is cutting their ad budgets, you can be the one business your customers see. This is a powerful statement! You’re showing that you’re strong and that even in this hard time, you’re still a business to be counted on. Overall, this improves your reputation in the market.

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5. You can take advantage of deals. Many marketing companies and business coaches are offering deals right now for new customers who sign during this time. You might be able to get help and guidance in your marketing for cheaper than at any other time.

6. You can show you care while you cultivate relationships. You have the time to answer emails and direct messages, and to take the time to give personalized attention and care to your customers. You can also adjust your typical sales messages and tactics for more helpful ones, letting your clients know that you’re thinking about them during these challenging times. Here are a few ideas and examples:
  • If you’re a restaurant owner, you can make a video of how to cook one of your favourite dishes
  • If you’re a beauty salon, you can post tips about how your customers can take care of themselves at home (and maybe offer a home delivery service for products you sell!)
  • If you’re in construction or roofing, you can write blog posts about home improvement and maintenance.
The options are endless, but it’s time to turn this negative situation into a positive one for your clients, and in turn, your business.
7. Most importantly, you can make a positive impact on the current situation. As a business owner, you have a voice in your community. That voice can be used to spread positivity, lend a helping hand, or offer solidarity to your customers. Don’t underestimate how this will build significant customer loyalty in the long-term. Plus, you and your team can feel great about being productive, helping others, and persevering.
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