Back in the day, most small businesses were only competing with the other local businesses in advertisements in the phone book, the local paper, and on the local radio station.

6 Reasons to Use Branded Content in All Your Business Communications

The Importance of Branding

Although branded marketing and advertising opportunities were more limited, competition was also limited. In the last half a century, we’ve seen a complete reversal in this. Now, opportunities for branding are virtually endless thanks to the virtual world.

Standing out from the crowd is becoming tough. In a world where a single search online can yield hundreds of the same businesses, one of the only ways to be heard is through strong branding that shares your unique brand story. Let’s dive in to learn more about how you can help your brand become a known and trusted resource.

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6 Reasons Branded Content Works Better

1. Get Better Audience Reach & Engagement

If you’re hoping that your content somehow goes viral, good luck to you! If you’re hoping that you can work your way up to more views and shares, you’re on the right track. 

Since attention spans are lower than ever before, there isn’t much time to make a lasting impression on your potential customer in your marketing. You might have a second or two during a scroll through social media or a search engine. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it; when your written content is branded and recognizable, it’s easier to grab someone’s attention, even while scrolling. A few interesting and positive interactions with a well-distinguished brand is all it takes to get people to stop, click, and engage. 

Always remember to tell a story in your content. People become attached to stories. Highly branded content that follows the brand story brings people into the story consistently, even when it’s been a while.

2. Create Loyal and Dedicated Brand Fans

Customers are great. Every business loves getting a new customer or sale. But don’t mistake the importance of loyal fans. True, they might never directly purchase something; but in showing their dedication to the brand, they often create far more purchases than they could ever make themselves. 

To create fans, you need to go beyond they typical “trying to make sales” content. What can they get on board with when it comes to your overall brand story? Your processes? Your niche? Your attitude? Find what gets people excited about the brand and run with it!

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3. Developing Relationships

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know that a picture is worth a thousand words and a video… well, a video is probably worth a novel’s worth of words. But don’t take that to mean that content isn’t important. Content still sparks conversation and develops relationships, and you can’t always speak through images and videos. 

When it comes to developing relationships through written content, voice is essential. Your tone of voice in a message on social media, in an article, or on your latest printed mail-out is recognizable, like the voice of a friend on a phone or the familiar tilt of someone’s handwriting. These are relationship cues, and they signal to someone that you are who you say you are; they know you personally!

4. Adapting to Trends 

Just like people, brands need to develop. Trends and world events aren’t a lasting part of your brand, but as long as you have a strong brand voice, you can incorporate them into your content easily. Give people your take on recent trends and show them how adaptable your brand is. Pay attention to how trends, nostalgia, and world events can help you expand your brand story an stay relevant but lasting.

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5. Trademarks 

Branded content comes with the unique ability to trademark special things that resonate with an audience. Legally you could trademark or patent something developed by your business; but you can still create content with some kind of recognizable trait or addition that emotionally connects with an audience, thus making them forever associating that trait with your brand. 

For example, Jerry Seinfeld has a show on Netflix called, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” The show follows Seinfeld as he picks up famous comedians from their houses in fancy, exotic cars. They then venture off to some cool cafe to have coffee and discuss personal stories about their careers and show business. The exotic car feature is a recognizable trademark that people enjoy and associate the show with always. It stands out!

6. Building Credibility 

Let’s face it; receiving endless spam online is highly annoying. It just doesn’t feel real. Branded content does not have to work that way to get people’s attention. 

After all, your brand is a persona that allows you to communicates directly with your audience. You can adapt to their needs and interests, and you can even personalize your branded content to make sure it’s relevant to them. Build brand credibility by being approachable and sharing branded content that fits the demographic you want to attract. 

Expand Your Brand

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