I knew the talented electricians and businessmen behind the brand well before Blue Collar Electric was a twinkle in their eyes.

Blue Collar Electric in Alberta – 3 Years in Review

I still remember when they decided they were going out on their own. They were excited. They were driven. And I can honestly say the energy level has not dropped off since then. If anything, they’re more motivated by the experience and expertise they’ve gained in the three years since starting Blue Collar Electric in Alberta. 
Their company started off small – just the two of them going out to job sites. That didn’t last long. Soon after getting off the ground, Eric took on a business management role, while Tyler took over on-site management. Their employees grew from a few to a dozen in about a year and a half. That kind of success doesn’t happen without hard work!
Blue Collar Electric
Since the company started, Eric and Tyler have been through some major life events. Eric proposed to his fiancé, Kelly Michaud, and the pair welcomed two children into the world, Taia (now 3) and Kye (now 2). This winter, Tyler proposed to his fiancée Jessica on a Mexican beach, with Kelly and Eric there to take pictures of the big moment. We may be looking at multiple Blue Collar weddings next year! 
Now, half of the Blue Collar Electric family is headed to Montreal. Col Bleu Electrique will be opening in the next few months as Eric and Kelly settle with their two children in the province they were born in, and the province they met in. They’ll be closer to family as their kids grow, and able to develop another branch of the company that is already thriving in Alberta. That doesn’t mean they won’t be missed by the friends they’ve made here, though (myself included!)
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Over the last year and a half, the whole Blue Collar Electric team has been cheering me on in my business as well. I’ve received some of the best business advice, encouragement, and ideas from Eric and Kelly. I truly believe Fine Point Writing & Editing would not be what it is today without their guidance and faith. Thank you so much for all the support and guidance!
I want to say a special farewell to my best friend Kelly, who I’ll miss more than words can say. Knowing you has made the last five years of my life so much more fun and exciting! I’ll be coming to visit you in Montreal soon! 
So, cheers to a new phase in your lives Eric and Kelly! I hope you’re looking forward to the new challenges ahead of you. I’m certain you’re going to be as wildly successful in Montreal as you have been in Alberta. You’ve got this!
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